AAA Diamond Ratings
AAA Diamond Ratings
AAA Five and Four Diamond Awards

AAA congratulates the 120 hotels and 63 restaurants that earned the prestigious AAA Five Diamond Award® for 2017. About 0.4 percent of the 28,000 AAA Approved lodgings and 0.2 of AAA Approved restaurants receive the AAA Five Diamond distinction.

AAA has also announced the coveted AAA Four Diamond Award winners, presented to hotels ranking among the top 6 percent and restaurants ranking in the top 2.3 percent.

To view a complete list of AAA Five Diamond and Four Diamond hotels and restaurants, visit one of the sections below:

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What are AAA Diamond Ratings?
One of the hallmark services AAA offers travelers is the AAA Diamond rating system, which has helped set high industry standards and is nationally recognized as a trusted symbol of quality. Each year, AAA's inspectors review more than 28,000 hotels and nearly 30,000 restaurants in North America to make sure they meet AAA’s exacting quality standards.


Budget-oriented, offering basic comfort and hospitality.

Affordable, with modestly enhanced facilities, décor, and amenities.

Distinguished, multifaceted with enhanced physical attributes, amenities, and guest comforts.

Refined, stylish with upscale physical attributes, extensive amenities and a high degree of hospitality, service, and attention to detail.

Ultimate luxury, sophistication, and comfort with extraordinary physical attributes, meticulous personalized service, extensive amenities, and impeccable standards of excellence.


Simple, economical food, often quick-serve, in a functional environment.

Familiar food, often cooked to order, served in casual surroundings.

Trendy cuisine, skillfully prepared and served, with expanded beverage options, in enhanced setting.

Distinctive fine-dining. Creative preparations, skillfully served, often with wine steward, amid upscale ambience.

Leading-edge cuisine of the finest ingredients, uniquely prepared by an acclaimed chef, served by expert service staff led by maître d’ in extraordinary surroundings.

Diamond ratings help travelers choose the hotel or eatery that matches their needs and budget, without compromising on basic standards.

Before an establishment potentially receives a Diamond rating, a AAA inspector first determines whether it meets strict guidelines for quality, cleanliness, service, and value through an in-person evaluation.

AAA Approved

Hotels and restaurants that meet those standards are designated AAA Approved. Every AAA Approved property is acceptable; AAA does not approve substandard establishments.


Once an establishment is AAA Approved, the inspector assigns a rating of one to five Diamonds based on the extensiveness of services, facilities, and amenities typical of each rating level, indicating the type of experience to expect.

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What does an inspection involve?

AAA hotel inspections

AAA’s professionally trained inspectors conduct in-person inspections as a service to members, using guidelines weighted by member priorities. Inspections are anonymous and unannounced to ensure a typical guest experience. AAA does not accept any perks or discounts not extended to all guests. Hotel inspectors check almost 100 separate items, looking at everything from landscaping to the number of extra pillows.

AAA restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspectors assess the entire experience, from the formatting of the menu, to service staff hospitality and technique, to the presentation, to the taste of the meal, ambiance, and overall experience.At the appropriate time, inspectors identify themselves in order to gain full access to the property. Anonymity is maintained during overnight stays and visits to potential Five Diamond establishments.

How are Diamond Ratings different?


We’re picky. Not every interested establishment is evaluated or rated—and not every Approved and Diamond-rated establishment keeps its AAA standing. Properties that fall below standards don’t lose Diamonds—they get deleted. Even one-Diamond establishments are a cut above the rest. 


We’ve helped shape the travel business. With more than a century of service, including 79 years of field inspections, AAA has never stopped changing. Broad-based industry experience allows our highly trained, professional inspectors to incorporate unique attributes and subjective elements into their reviews without compromising standards. 


There’s nothing up our sleeves.  When it comes to property evaluations, we’re an open book. Our published guidelines ensure properties know exactly what it takes to become AAA Approved and receive a particular Diamond rating.


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How do I reserve a Diamond-rated hotel?
Reserving a Diamond-rated place to stay is easy with our online Advanced Hotel Search or through the AAA App . You can browse thousands of North American hotels and sort them by Diamond rating, and even find hotels that are pet-friendly, have accessible rooms, or feature an exercise facility. You may also visit your local branch and consult a AAA travel agent. Our agents offer free travel advice, and while you’re there, you can pick up free domestic AAA maps and guides.
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